eco-friendly Construction of Villa Juliana

Villa Juliana is a result of the multicultural collaboration between people passionate and respectful of the Swahili cultural and environmental heritage of Zanzibar.


Located in Jambiani on the East coast of Zanzibar on one of the most beautiful beaches of the entire world, the project has been inspired since the first sketches by the intention to express the best way possible of the local potential.


Built in natural material by using local rocks for walls, traditional brooms “fagio” used for the roof cover and recycled wood (coming from old traditional commercial boats the “Dhow”) for the furniture, Villa Juliana is the result of a productive collaboration between European technics and local execution.


The main structure of Villa Juliana, composed in local rocks shaped on site by experienced hands, is built up applying the old “masonry stone wall” technique widely used in the history of

architecture to build up strong and durable buildings.


The large roof cover, executed using around 45’000 local brooms “fagio” done by natural palm leave sticks, provides an excellent and durable protection to the sun and the heavy tropical rains for several decades (different to the local traditional “makuti” roofs done by palm leaves rarely durable even a single decade).


In a few words, same material and improved techniques provide a consistent difference in  terms of performance, durability and aesthetics.


The type of wall and its thickness (50cm), floor plan layouts, doors and windows position and dimensions, provide an excellent thermal insulation and natural cross ventilation guaranteeing a comfortable habitability with a sensible reduction of energy needed for internal microclimate regulation.


Its reduced energy needs are entirely provided by clean and renewable natural resources, the sun. Abundant and never missing in this geographic location.


A modern photovoltaic solar system and solar water heaters provide all electric energy and hot water needed.


Villa Juliana can be considered a proper 100% eco-friendly home, with a zero-energy impact to the planet.


Villa Juliana has been constructed to satisfy a wide range of guests and all their requests and needs.


The layout was planned with a very large central open space. This allows all common areas like kitchen, living, dining and veranda on both floors and the horizontal and vertical connections with the side wings to be easily accessible. In both wings all private areas are located which have private bed- and bathrooms.


Guests can comfortably enjoy community time and private time respecting each other’s needs.


A large infinity swimming pool, driven as well by solar power only, located in front of the central veranda, is divided in three sub portions, central and side wings. This allows guests to soak in

fresh water anytime of the day and night admiring a breath-taking ocean view.


Several shades, located at the sea front, satisfy all desires of sunbath, relax and chilling time.


The service area, located behind the Villa, provides all needs to the guests respecting their privacy.


Villa Juliana, originally planned as a private residential building has been converted during its execution to a business renting Villa, thanks to the stimulating and multiple requests done by

the people attracted by its refined and elegant style while walking on the beach.